Our Services - How it works
Authenticfollowers uses large advertising networks to drive traffic to your social media page. This works by using website owners who are looking to make money off website traffic they receive. Authenticfollowers pays the webmasters per every action made, this is called PPA (pay per action), in exchange for a like/follower/play the website owner is compensated. We currently have over 800 sites using our networks, with daily traffic exceeding 9,000,000 visitors daily.

Why buy followers/views? There are many reasons, the initial traffic itself a long with the search engine optimization(SEO) value, the more views/followers you have the higher you are ranked in the search engines. This will bring your page long term organic traffic from search engines such as yahoo, bing, and google.

It's normal to worry about getting banned or penalized by using services to boost traffic. Authenticfollowers makes sure that never happens to any of our clients. Our team has undergone rigorous studies and tests to perfect techniques in getting the best and quality Twitter followers, YouTube views, SoundCloud plays and Facebook Likes. We aim to make you feel secure in every transaction.

The Birth of Social Media
If You're A Struggling Artist Or A Music Manager, Today Is Your Lucky Day!
Social Media sites are only growing quicker by the day, take advantage if of today! It is easier then ever to get exposure to your video or product, sites such as youtube and soundcloud have made it a lot easier to share your message to anyone in the world within minutes.
Authenticvfollowers Quality Service
We Don't Make False Promises Or Claims. We Simply Do What We Do Best, Providing Quality Social Media Services And Fanatic Customer Service To Our Clients.
We at Authenticvfollowers Plays only want to help promote and enhance your Sound Cloud marketing efforts. The process we use is quick, easy and secure. Our promise to our valuable customer is that we only drive high quality traffic to distribute your tracks to the world.